2Canoes Studio was founded by a group of passionate image editors who are in love with their job and has grown into a global post-production service.

In spite of our growth, we carefully maintain our basic principle from the very beginning: custom-tailored approach to each photographer. And it’s not just about matching white balance or tone curves preferences. We believe it’s something more.

And of course, once we became a service, we added even more usability with one of the best on market ordering system.

Our history

July 2017

New ordering system release

We put all our experience in developing the best ordering system on the market. And finally, it was released in July 2017.
February 2017

Additional investment

2Canoes Studio attracted additional investment and becomes an international post-production service.
November 2016

1 000 000 wedding images processed

By November 2016 2Canoes Studio processed 1 000 000 wedding images.
October 2016

International market

The percentage of UK, Australian and New Zealand clients become significant.
February 2016

Become online

2Canoes has expanded its activities and become an online editing studio.
May 2015

2Canoes Studio founded

2Canoes Studio was created by a group of passionate image editors who are in love with their job.